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Mrs. Green, a.k.a. Michelle You, is an enthusiastic gardener and plant lover, as well as an engineer turned entrepreneur with international background and diverse experience in her career and life. Michelle You graduated with Bachelor & Master’s degrees in Electronics Engineering (EE) from the top university in China - Tsinghua University (清华大学) where the campus is also well know as Tsinghua Garden (清华园), immigrated from Singapore to the US as an engineer.

Since Michelle You found her passion in gardening and felt in love with plants, she has become a real Mrs. Green and built her own gardens. She is actively advocating growing some plants and visiting botanical gardens as a simple way to live a happier life, in the meantime, also offering free career advice for professionals at MichelleYouBiz.com and sharing her insights on career, work and life and her experience as an international headhunter for tech companies and startups.  

Starting from a lucky bamboo plant and several potted plants from her mother and trying to grow avocado trees from seeds in water, Mrs. Green has been expanding her collections into hundreds of plants in her own garden and inside her home. Mrs. Green's passion about plants is so contagious that her husband Mr. Green has been "infected" too. Together, they joined the membership at their local garden and started their exploration of all kinds of botanic gardens near and far. 

After a lot of ups and downs with her plants and visiting many botanic gardens to learn from professional gardeners, Mrs. Green has accumulated a lot of firsthand gardening experience and knowledge about plants and gardens, and has been sharing them with friends and other plants enthusiasts.

Here on this website, YouTube and other social medias, Mrs. Green will tell you her personal stories and experiences in learning about gardening, shopping and growing various outdoor and indoor plants, such as succulents, cacti, epiphyllums, orchids, calatheas, ferns, and other perennial and annual plants. 

You will enjoy Mrs. Green tours at the beautiful botanic gardens on Mrs. Green Loves Gardens YouTube channel, and her opinions about the plants and gardening products she has purchased online and at local garden centers.

Mrs. Green is also an amateur photographer who loves to capture the beauty of the nature, adorable animals, fun moments of her life, or anything interesting in her eyes. She will show you her photos of beautiful flowers, plants and amazing gardens to share her joy with you. She also enjoys drawing and painting pets and people portraits for fun when she gets a chance. 

Mrs. Green hopes that you will learn something new about plants and gardens, have fun in reading her stories, follow us and come back again for her new posts. 

“I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.”
- Albert Einstein

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