Enjoy my garden, bird, cat and new look of this blog for one minute

What a great comeback in the stock market this Thursday! Hope you were as relieved and happy for your 401K these two days as I did for mine. After a long week of hard work, it's time to enjoy my garden, flowers, succulents, bird and cat here on your screen, and relax for one minute.

On Thursday, it looked like the stock market would fall off the cliff in the morning, and then the invisible hand rescued our 401K accounts and continued its rally on Friday. Our free career advice blog, MichelleYouBiz.com also comes back now after an intensive reconstruction with a new look and updated information. 

If you want some career advice for free or are just curious to know the insights on career, jobs, interviews, starting a business, decision making, relationships and more from an engineer turned entrepreneur who has been an executive recruiter and career coach for seasoned and young professionals, visit us regularly at MichelleYouBiz.com for the latest posts, and follow MichelleYouBiz.com on LinkedIn to get the notifications on updates.

Now, click for one minute of the glimpse of my garden and enjoy yourself here!


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