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Why is the Sunflower the National Flower of Ukraine So Special?

  Follow Us for Fun Garden Blog and Free Career Advice Blog Table of Contents The sunflower is Ukraine’s national flower Where do sunflowers face at night? Why do sunflowers face east? How to grow bigger sunflowers? The most amazing secret of sunflowers - Fibonacci sequence The sunflower is a amazing and special plant Video - grow my sunflowers from seeds in a pot

Birdwatching at home all year round on this tree

  I became an enthusiastic gardener a few years ago and fell in love with plants.   Gardening in my own yard   and   visiting botanical gardens   have brought me so much beauty and joy, keep me curious about new things, inspire me with new ideas about my work and life, and give me pleasant surprises from time to time. I just can't stop talking about plants and gardens even on   my blog about jobs and career . Because I believe that gardening is one of greatest things that can enrich our life, balance our work and life, make us feel really relaxed, connect us with other people and with Mother nature.

Find this pleasant surprise in your kitchen or at a garden

It’s weekend again and the time to put all our worries about the world and our problems at work behind us for a while. I’d like to share with you the pleasant surprise I found on a sunny day in winter.