Birdwatching at home all year round on this tree

 I became an enthusiastic gardener a few years ago and fell in love with plants. Gardening in my own yard and visiting botanical gardens have brought me so much beauty and joy, keep me curious about new things, inspire me with new ideas about my work and life, and give me pleasant surprises from time to time. I just can't stop talking about plants and gardens even on my blog about jobs and career. Because I believe that gardening is one of greatest things that can enrich our life, balance our work and life, make us feel really relaxed, connect us with other people and with Mother nature.

Watch the Birds Singing on the Tree
Original Video without Added Music

As of today, I have cumulated hundreds of outdoor and indoor plants. One of my favorite plants is the tree/shrub actually planted by someone else. The previous homeowner planted it in the yard a few years before we moved in. The reason that I like it so much, because it has attracted so many different birds all through the years. It is an evergreen shrub and blooming almost all year round in the warm weather in San Francisco Bay Area. 

On the cold days in winter, it would be the only tree that I could see from my home that was showing off with beautiful flowers and full tree of green leaves. Almost everyday, various birds come to the tree from dawn to dusk to feed themselves, sing songs or play a little bit hide and seek with cats around my garden. The birds in my garden are small to medium sizes. The biggest birds that I saw on the tree looked like mountain blue birds, medium-sized birds with bright blue feathers. 

There are many hummingbirds coming visit the tree to drink their favorite nectar from the deep red trumpet-shaped flowers. I have encountered at least five or more different species of hummingbirds. Several times, when I was in my garden taking care of my plants, I suddenly heard this humming sound right behind my ears which sounded like a bumble bee. When I turned around, I was surprised to see a hummingbird was right in front of my face at only about one or two feet away. It looked like that the hummingbird wanted to talk with me or something. The hummingbird was staying in the air for quite a few seconds watching me curiously before flying away. 

It always happened so fast and unexpected, all I could do was staring at the hummingbird with a smile and wishing that I had my camera with me. I remember that one of these hummingbirds was very pretty with these gorgeous green feathers shining under the sun. The hummingbirds move so fast that I never really have a good picture of them. I have seen more hummingbirds in my garden in summer than winter. On cold days, we have more birds with grayish feathers, some are fluffy with short beaks, some look like bigger-sized hummingbirds with long beaks. Many of these birds enjoy singing when they are not feeding themselves on our tree. 

Sometimes, when I heard these birds singing, I felt like that they were calling me to get out my office, go outside and take a break from my computer. I would grab my phone and go out to join the birds in my garden. Once I was out there, I would forget all about the digital world and just want to appreciate the wonderful moment with my birds. I would point my phone camera to my birds on the tree, in the sky, in my garden, with my beautiful plants, taking photos and videos for my plants and birds, watch the birds singing, playing and enjoy myself with birds and plants together in my own garden. What a wonderful life! 

Well, I think I got a little carried away with my birds and plants and forgot to tell you about the name of the tree that has attracted some many lovely birds. The name of the plant is cape honeysuckle, an evergreen shrub but does like a tree to me. Its formal name is Tecoma capensis and it is native to southern Africa. Despite its common name, it is not closely related to the true honeysuckle. You can find more information on WikiPedia about cape honeysuckle if you are curious about the plant or maybe want to plant one in your own garden.

In fact, I became really curious about the hummingbirds because of cape honeysuckle. I started to Google them and found so much interesting facts about hummingbirds. For example, hummingbirds are naturally curious creatures and very smart too, they are as intelligent as an elephant. Sometimes they approach people who feed them to check if there are more food available or even demand people to refill the hummingbird feeders. It is probably the simplest way for you to attract hummingbirds to your own yard with a hummingbird feeder

I never feed a hummingbird, but I am often in the garden when hummingbirds are visiting our cape honeysuckle tree to feed themselves there. Maybe they consider me as their provider and try to befriend with me, or just be curious about my garden hat. Anyway, these hummingbirds just keep me so curious and make me realize that I have so much more to learn about birds, plants and the nature. 

Are you curious about hummingbirds or cape honeysuckle now after reading so far? There are so much information readily available on the internet, we just need to look for something interesting to us and enjoy more beauty and have more fun. To share my birdwatching moments with you, I have made two videos. A short version is a snippet for someone who counts time with seconds. Another one is the original video with no added music, you can enjoy the birds in my garden on your own screen and relax for at least a couple of minutes. FYI, these are vertical videos that are better for your phone or pad than your desktop computer. 

Watch the Snippet of 
Birdwatching in My Garden

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